How to Tell a Consistent Brand Story Through Social Media Marketing

It might seem a little “outdated” to talk about social media branding. However, studies have found that companies struggle to turn awareness into conversions even with a social media strategy. Most small businesses (93%) face social media challenges. For instance, 19% face challenges on Instagram associated with gaining new and engaged followers, while 32% face issues with generating high quality leads on LinkedIn, according to an article by Visual Objects. The other most common problems are posting content and improving audience engagement. When we see top brands like Chanel, Dior or even Coca Cola with over 30 million followers, we only wish we could replicate just a fraction of their performance.

Social media has been around for years now and the landscape is constantly evolving. New tools are being constantly added, which are immensely helpful for marketing. For example, analyzing and optimizing your analytics have become easier than ever before. One can also track “mentions,” which offers real-time monitoring of brand awareness. Take a look at other helpful tips to make the most of social media in 2021 and beyond.

The Right Platform

Keeping up with all social platforms might be overwhelming. This is because the same post might not work everywhere. Develop and execute social media solutions based on specific goals to reach your target consumer and promote a sweepstake or drive leads, according to experts at MediaMax Network. Pick the platform that is most frequented by your potential customers. For example, if you wish to target millennials, consider Instagram and YouTube. A study showed that 60% of Instagram users are aged between 18 and 29, while a 2019 survey revealed that 95% men and 92% women used YouTube. Limit your efforts to 1–2 sites to maintain the quality of your connections.

Multiple Accounts

Top international companies have different accounts for diverse products. For example, Nike is hyper-focused on branding through several Instagram profiles like Nike Sportswear, Nike Run Club and Nike Woman. This is crucial to connect with more people and offer a top-notch customer care experience, while improving search engine rankings, according to an article by Also, tie up with influencers, seek feedback, create viral-worthy content, use relevant hashtags and ask questions to start a conversation.

Go Visual

Leveraging the power of visual marketing is crucial for your business. Research shows that 84% of all brand communications were visual in 2020 and 96% online shoppers actively watched videos about products and services. In fact, 62% internet users prefer consuming visual content. Therefore, use pictures, infographics and animation, add powerful punch lines and create original shareable posts, according to an article by Socially Sorted. These will help you grab the attention of your target audience and stand out in the noisy world of social media.

Making your efforts sustainable rather than struggling to be everywhere is the key. And, try to tug at the heartstrings of your followers. Fine tune your profiles and encourage your audience to share your stories and posts. Following trends and investing in promoted advertising can also be helpful. Lastly, keep measuring your progress for optimal results.




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